A Fee-Only, Independent Financial Advisor
Located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Complimentary Portfolio Review

Wealth Management services for individuals, families,
businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Financial Advisor


The expertise to assist clients in reaching their individual goals and objectives

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Financial Advisor

Asset Management

A value oriented approach to portfolio management provides clients with cost effective avenues to achieve their financial objectives

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Financial Advisor

Wealth Services

Our joint alliances with leading trust and financial companies provide the resources for comprehensive and personalized wealth management services

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Welcome to Lincoln Capital

In today’s increasingly complex and evolving financial environment, Lincoln Capital Corporation continues to serve the needs of clients seeking objective advice and personalized financial guidance. Since the founding of Lincoln Capital in 1991, our sole purpose and business function has been to provide clients with high quality financial and investment services in a fiduciary manner. With the client's best interests as the primary principle of our firm, we provide personalized services to individuals, professionals and small business owners throughout the country.

Please read our Form ADV and the pages that follow to see how we may serve as a partner that can be relied upon for professional financial advice and asset management services.

retirement planning

ENJOY Your Retirement Years

 We offer customized, non-proprietary solutions solely in 
 our Clients’ best interest. 

Meet The Team

CEO Image

A message from our President.

” From day one, our guiding principle has been to always do what is best for the client. After 25 years of client service, I am proud to say this value is embedded into the fabric of our firm”

Ronald Albert, CFP®

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Advice from our Vice President.

“While we cannot control market movements or investment returns, we can control client risk exposure and personalized service. Virtually all of our growth is traced to referrals from satisfied clients through our efforts to assist in the achievement of their financial objectives. While the world is constantly changing, our determined client focus is another bedrock principle of our firm.”

Brittany Albert Moran, CFP®

Fun facts


46% of retired households actually spend more than they did just before retirement.


A diversified portfolio is responsible for 90% of the long term investor’s return.


Financial Planners help individuals generate roughly 29% higher retirement income wealth.

Health Care

By 2019, the government’s share of health care spending is projected to be 51%. This is up from 24% in 1960.